Specialist Barcode Scanning Solutions

Direct Parts Marking (DPM) and Electrostatic (ESD) barcode scanners for industrial applications.

MS842DPM Scanner

DPM Barcode
DPM technology (Direct Part Marking)
Direct Part Marking is a process that allows users to mark a barcode directly on an item instead of printing the barcode on a label, such as plastic and metal. There are three main technologies available for DPM: laser etched marking, dot peening and ink jet printing, with the intent to create a permanent identifier for the item. The permanent nature of the marking, assures that the item can be identified throughout its full life-cycle during the supply chain, even while being exposed to harsh environmental conditions. When it comes to identifying DPM parts throughout the manufacturing process, tracking your valuable assets though their lifecycle or quality control – the Unitech MS842DPM really gets the job done! The MS842DPM is the ideal solution for the Manufacturing, automotive, aeronautical, medical care, electronic equipment and healthcare markets, where assets are critical.
Great reading capabilities and durability
The MS842DPM is designed to specifically address scan-intensive and DPM applications. The high-performance imager is capable of scanning very fine marks (as 3 mils code 39 and 4 mils for PDF147 codes). The MS842DPM is built to last with unrivaled performance and quality. Featuring an IP42 environmental sealing against moisture and dust and a high 1.8m drop specification, this scanner is constructed to handle harsh environments. The long-life trigger is designed to withstand over 10 million scans and offers continuous productivity over a long period of time.
Lightweight design
It’s ergonomically designed, and features a comfort grip and is light-weight (only 170 grams), making the MS842DPM easy to operate over longer periods. In addition, using the trigger mode, presentation mode and DPM modes (for optimised decoding performance), the MS348DPM scanner can be used in many practical ways to suit your scanning needs.
  • High performance engine & decoder (1280 x960 sensor and reads 1D, 2D and direct part marking (DPM) barcodes.
  • Direct Part Marking (DPM) – reads laser-etched, dot peen and laser-inked marking.
  • Durable and rugged design: 1.8m drop spec and IP42 housing protection.
  • Ergonomic and lightweight (170g) design for operator comfort.
  • Trigger and presentation mode for hands-free or handheld operation
  • Easy to use. High visibility illumination (2x white LED’s).
  • Supports reading various sized objects (60° skew/pitch angles)
  • Low price point – from £525.00 + VAT



MS840ESD Safe Scanner

ESD Barcode

ESD Protection
The MS84x ESD (Electrostatic discharger) laser or imager barcode scanner is a high performance device designed to satisfy the stringent requirements of cleanrooms and static-safe manufacturing environments. Constructed with conductive materials the MS84x ESD eliminates the build up of dangerous static charge on the device, and drains the charge onto another object with which it comes in contact. It is designed to help streamline your workflow in electronic manufacturing environments.

Ergonomic, Durable Design
The rugged MS84x ESD not only offers superior extended range performance and versatility for scan-intensive industrial applications, but also it can withstand multiple 1.8-meter drops to concrete. As one of the strongest scanners in its class, the MS84x ESD has an IP42 rating, safeguarding it from moisture and dust, and is capable of operating in diverse applications including retail, industrial and commercial services.

Easy to Use
The MS84x ESD supports USB or wireless connectivity. With auto-adapting capabilities, MS84x ESD is easy to install and operate with a simple connection to the host device being all that’s required. Moreover, the user-friendly cable replacement feature minimizes any downtime and reduces the total cost of ownership.

MS84x ESD is available in 1D laser or 2D imager (wired or wireless)

• ESD Coated Housing
• High-performance laser engineered decoder
• Supports 1D or 2D barcodes; including GS1 Data barcode
• Ergonomic design for maximum user comfort
• Multiple scanning modes
• Louder beeper for noisy environment operation
• 1.8-Meter / 6-Foot drop test
• Low price point – 1D Scanner USB option from £175.00 + VAT