Custom Label Printing

Barcodes For Business Ltd offer an almost unrivaled service for printing rolls of labels, and we can in some cases turn around simple jobs and short runs in less than 24 hours.

We can print onto any type of self adhesive label or non adhesive tag material and can incorporate all types of graphic images, fixed or variable text, sequential numbering and of course 1D or 2D barcodes into your design.

Our rates are very competitive and lead times are excellent so why not give us a try. Please contact us via email or telephone for a quotation.

Barcode Graphics

We can also provide you with barcodes as a high resolution graphic image for your own use within packaging or marketing materials. Files can be provided in pdf, jpg or png format.


Note: The barcode png ,pdf or jpg file is supplied at a one off cost of £15.00 and is license free to be used as many times as you want. Simply provide us with your unique barcode number or sequence of numbers and we’ll do the rest!

We currently have in excess of 200 different label sizes in stock so the chances are we have one ideal for your application!

Label Quotation Request

Put us to the test - Request a quote today.

Our most popular label & tag sizes:

32mm x 25mm 70mm x 32mm 100mm x 30mm 102mm x 38mm 152mm x 216mm
37mm x 67mm 74mm x 210mm 100mm x 50mm 102mm x 51mm 210mm x 298m
38mm x 25mm 76mm x 102mm 100mm x 76mm 102mm x 64mm
39mm x 25mm 76mm x 127mm 102mm x 102mm 102mm x 76mm
51mm x 25mm 76mm x 38mm 102mm x 127mm 102mm x 83mm
51mm x 32mm 76mm x 51mm 102mm x 152mm 105mm x 148mm
51mm x 51mm 76mm x 76mm 102mm x 152mm 127mm x 64mm
57mm x 32mm 83mm x 51mm 102mm x 165mm 148mm x 210mm
64mm x 51mm 89mm x 25mm 102mm x 203mm 148mm x 210mm
65mm x 25mm 89mm x 38mm 102mm x 24mm 152mm x 102mm