Inspections & Field Service


Perform a variety of equipment or vehicle inspections with our range of pre-made mobile field applications. Simply scan/enter an ID code (RFID or Barcode), the program will display its details & an image and proceeds to record the relevant data needed for the inspection. The software allows you to enter any additional details or comments as well as having the ability to take photos and capture signatures.

System Features:

  • Upload information to the mobile device via USB or GPRS service.
  • Identify equipment by scanning barcodes or RFID tags.
  • Displays equipment information on device screen
  • Key in new data via device keypad or touch screen keyboard
  • Take photo images of equipment
  • Capture signatures of inspectors or customers.
  • Upload data via USB/Wireless connection in batch mode or via GPRS for live data.

System Requirements:

  • Mobile device running Windows Mobile or Android OS
  • Touch screen operation, with minimum 3.7″ colour display
  • Integrated barcode scanner or RFID reader on Mobile Device
  • Stand alone or network PC running Microsoft Excel, Access Database or similar
  • Network router with Port Forwarding enabled (GPRS option)

Suitable Applications:

  • Electric Meter Reads
  • PAT Testing
  • Vehicle Fleet Management
  • Solar Panel Output Tests
  • Estate Management
  • Tool Calibration Recording
  • Building Compliance Checks
  • Fire Safety Checks

There is also an Electrical Meter reading application used to identify existing meters displaying the description, what the meter services, the location and the last reading. Simply input the new reading and the program will calculate usage from the last time the meter was read.

*All of our mobile software applications are fully customisable to suit customer requirements.