Production Monitoring


A comprehensive production tracking system that can be deployed within the workplace of any small to medium sized business with the minimum of effort.

Data can be captured using a number of different input methods such as barcodes, RFID or touch screens to ensure accuracy and efficiency when monitoring the progress of works orders throughout your business.

How it works

Works orders can be generated either via an existing ERP system or from a standard PC software/spreadsheet application. Productivity is recorded for each manufacturing stage and also progress is monitored from one stage to the next.  All data can be recorded using fast and simple methods such as a single scan of a barcode or press of a button using a range of fixed position or mobile devices deployed at each stage of production. All transactions are time stamped and instantly fed back to the server to show updates and generate progress reports including full batch traceability where applicable.

List Of Benefits

  • Improved accuracy using barcodes or RFID to reduce errors
  • Faster data entry using scan only or touch screen options
  • Real time accurate information using a live data connection
  • Software licenses charged per device results in a low cost solution, ideal for small & medium sized business’.
Selected Screenshots

Compatible with many ERP’s, Microsoft SQL, Access and Oracle Databases etc

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Application Features:

  • Fast data recording options to minimise data entry time
  • Validation at each production stage
  • User Log In’s recorded for monitoring productivity data.
  • Barcode or RFID technology for improved accuracy
  • Can be configured to work with most popular ERP’s, databases or spreadsheets.
  • Full batch trace recording from Goods in to Finished Goods stage.
  • Wide choice of hardware options make it suitable for any environment

System Requirements:

  • Mobile or fixed position devices running Windows Embedded, Win 10 or Android OS
  • Scan only or Touch screen operation, with minimum 3.7″ colour display
  • Integrated barcode or RFID scanners on Mobile Devices
  • Network Server /PC running Microsoft Windows XP/7/8/10 with Microsoft SQL or Access Database (or similar).
  • Wired or wireless LAN for live update