Simple Asset Management

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Compiling and maintaining an accurate Asset Register can be a long and difficult job. Our simple solution provides the user with a simple, easy to use PC database for recording the asset information, and a reliable Windows Mobile handheld barcode terminal to scan the asset barcodes, recording any change in location or user.


Simple Asset Management (SAM) for Schools is a very easy to use solution that monitors the acquisition, movement and disposal of all assets, which means that you will always know what assets you have and where they are.

The solution has been developed in conjunction with School Business Managers at a number of schools and is based on their needs and requirements in order to deliver a simple and effective solution that saves them time and money looking after their numerous assets.


  • Password protected database
  • Ability to make items obsolete
  • Full Audit Trail showing all asset movements
  • Unique barcoded asset numbers for each item
  • Ability to upload digital images and photographs
  • Import data from existing spreadsheet or database
  • Fast upload of collected data from the portable barcode reader
  • Simple data backup
  • In built reports section

Product Detail

The purpose of having an asset register is to facilitate the physical control and security of assets, to provide information and values for insurance and accounting purposes, and to facilitate the provision of statistical information (eg numbers, locations etc) for reporting and analysis.

SAM comprises of :

  • A secure software database for recording detailed asset information
  • Tamper evident labels for identifying each asset and location
  • Portable barcode scanner for quickly recording the asset data and respective locations and updating the register
  • Barcode and label printer for printing the location and asset labels (optional)

SAM follows a simple 3 step process :

1. In the database, assign a new barcode number to an asset (eg a computer) and record all its details in the fields provided.

2. Apply the barcode label to the asset and record it’s location.

3. To update and monitor the movement of assets, scan each location with the portable barcode scanner, and the asset barcodes in the respective locations, and upload to the database with one click of a button to update the register.