App Builder Software for Opticon OPH1005 & OPH300X


Opticon’s simple new Application Builder software.

Opticon proudly introduces the new  Application Builder solution for their range of low cost mobile data capture devices. This simple solution allows you to design applications, deploy to your hardware and capture data within minutes.

The ultimate user-friendly experience for your business

The App Builder makes light work of developing new, custom data collection applications for Opticon Data Terminals. The Application builder uses a PC based tool to develop your application , allowing you to see exactly what you have built at each key stage. With our in-built emulator you can easily test your application on screen before deployment

Applications can be developed within a couple of minutes using simple flow-chart development. Customise your application so that it fits your business model instead of changing your business model to fit non-custom applications

The App Builders simple and easy design means it is non-developer friendly, giving you the ability to shape your future business needs. We offer a free demo download so you can trial your application onscreen before you purchase any license or device



  •  Quick & Easy to use
  • Non-developer friendly
  • Low-Cost
  • Licensed per device
  • Free Demo Download
  • For use with OPH1005 and OPH300x scanners

Free Apps Supplied:

  • Stock Take
  • Add Stock
  • Deduct Stock

Take a look at the tutorial video

1. Part # OPH-3001 APP KIT  – Opticon OPH3001 full starter kit with App Builder software @ £399.00 + VAT
2. Part # OPH-1005 APP KIT – Opticon OPH-1005 full starter kit with App Builder software @ £649.00 + VAT
2. Part # 13650 – Opticon App Builder software for APH3001/ APH1005 devices @ £65.00 + VAT

Data Sheet:

Data Sheet