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Virtually all business’ require data to be recorded regularly for one purpose or another and ideally this task should only have to be carried out once rather than replicating the whole process again via a PC in the office.


Paper based systems are very labour intensive and notoriously prone to human error so can potentially be very expensive systems to run in the workplace. However the alternative and far more cost effective approach would be to use digital forms instead which can be run as a software application or ‘apps’ as they’re commonly known on any suitable device such as a mobile phone, Industrial PDA or tablet PC.

By introducing mobile devices into your business you could save countless man hours each working day by ensuring that any data recording tasks are carried out within a controlled, structured process extremely quickly and of course accurately.

Our range of mobile apps can be deployed onto most popular PDA’s & Tablet PC’s and are fully customisable to meet your specific requirements. Recorded data can be uploaded into many ERP systems, databases, accounts packages or even just a simple spreadsheet.

Popular Business Apps:
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Mobile Sales


Inventory Manager


Delivery Tracking


Asset Tracking


Price Markdown


Tool Control


Production Monitoring


Time & Attendance

Event Tracking Barcodes for Business

Event Attendance


Field Service Inspections


Freight Handling


Quality Checks

More off the shelf business apps are available for the following applications:

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  • Asset Tracking with barcodes or RFID
  • Stock Takes
  • Order Picks
  • Event Attendance
  • Check In /Check Out
  • Inventory Count
  • Goods Despatch
  • Product Labelling
  • Vehicle Safety Inspection
  • Tradeshow Attendee Tracking
  • Visitor Reception & Badge Printing
  • Document Storage
  • Employee Travel Expense
  • Meter Reading
  • Building Surveying
  • Fire Extinguisher Inspection
  • Event Attendance – Badge Scanning
  • Delivery of Goods
  • Package Tracking
  • Internal Package Track
  • Vin Scanning and Odometer Capture
  • Asset Hire / Rental
  • Food & Drink Ordering
  • Trailer Safety Inspection
  • Estate & Letting Agency Key Tracking
  • Sports Timing & Score Cards

Can’t see a suitable app for your business?

Then let us design and create it for you.

Mobile Software Licenses start from as little as £150 + VAT


All of our mobile solutions are all compatible with the following ERP systems , databases & more: