Stand Alone Label Printers from SATO

Label printers that can run within the work place completely independent of any PC’s or networks. These systems can be connected directly to barcode scanners, weigh scales and keypads and can be used virtually anywhere, even in places without a mains power source.


SATO AEP Solutions

SATO’s new Application Enabled Printing (AEP) technology is a powerful on board intelligence which enables customisation of their industrial label printers to work either as a completely stand alone system or can even be set up as a dedicated wireless solution linked to the LAN without the need for a wireless access point or router. Labelling requirements in many industries can be solved using the SATO NX range of label printers which can be easily configured to suit your individual needs.

AEP can be configured within the SATO range of NX industrial label printers:

  • Connect input devices such as scanners, keypads, weigh scales can be directly connected
  • Works as a standalone printer without the need for a host PC or additional software
  • The operator activity is ┬áprompted by a simple display screen sequence
  • The printer operation is easily customised to the business requirement
  • Network/Cloud communication for database access or other functions


  • Reduced operator skills
  • Faster label printing
  • Reduced errors and recovery expense
  • Improved productivity
  • Reduced costs


  • Printing within Secure Facilities
  • Remote Location & Outdoor printing
  • Food & Ingredients Labelling
  • Lineside Production of Goods
  • Trade Shows & Exhibitions – ID Badges

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Do you have a unique labeling requirement that can’t be solved using a conventional system? Please contact us to discuss your needs.