Time & Attendance


Every business requires an intelligent Time and Attendance system that can be used quickly and efficiently by their workforce either at a fixed place of work or even at a customer site. The ability to clock In & Out in just a few seconds is often the difference between an effective system and one that employees retain no faith in.


TimeView T&A system will allow you to record vital Clock In & Out transactions in an instant as well as provide you with an up to the minute analysis of exactly who is currently on site at any one time. All data is compiled for analysis and reports using the systems in built management software and features a simple ‘one click’ procedure for generating an instant Fire Report when needed.

System Features:

  • Simple software manager to add & edit employees, departments & shift profiles
  • In Built reports generator including a ‘one click’ Fire Report
  • Data can be filtered based upon Personnel, Department, Shift, Status
  • Contactless Mifare (13.56 MHz) reader for secure data recording.
  • Multiple locations at any one site
  • Unlimited numbers of Software Users / Administrators
  • Microsoft SQL Server database

Mobile Version:

  • Fully portable -can be used anywhere.
  • Touch screen or hands free operation with clear simple instructions
  • In built barcode or contactless reader (Mifare 13.56 Mhz) for instant error free identification
  • Sends recorded files across Wifi or Mobile Data network

System Requirements:

  • PC or Server running Microsoft Windows XP/ 7/ 8 Operating System
  • Wired or wireless LAN at host site
  • SQL Lite, Express or Server Database (can be provided)


MR650 Controller


MR650 Options:

  • Touch Screen, Barcode, NFC or Fingerprint log in
  • Cabled or wireless LAN
  • Door Lock/Unlock Option
  • Camera/Video Streaming


TimeView software is compatible with most popular payroll and recruitment management systems such as Sage, Quickbooks & Eclipse. or any ODBC compatible database.

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  • TimeView Software for MS Windows 7/8/10 (1-5 Seat PC License) @ £595.00
  • TimeView Software for MS Windows 7/8/10 (Up to 10 PC License) @ £995.00
  • MT650 Fixed Position Controller with NFC reader from £895.00
  • Handheld Mobile T&A Controller with barcode or NFC reader from £525.00
Data Sheet: System Overview


Data Sheet: MT650 Fixed Position Controller


Data Sheet: RS30 Mobile T&A Device