Tool Management


Manage your tool store with ease and efficiency with our simple Tool Manager apps for Windows & Android devices.

Choose from either a fixed position Kiosk based system or a fully mobile solution on a handheld device.

Keeping track of large numbers of tools is simple & convenient using software that keeps a record of all the relevant information needed.

Tool Data includes: The asset ID, description, condition & status; its current location; the person they have been issued to, and a re-test date.

To identify each tool simply scan a barcode or select from a menu on screen, and the software checks to ensure it is safe to issue based upon its condition & test status. The system can be set up as a complete self service tool control system on a kiosk or tablet PC. Options are also available for signature capture and receipt printing to help improve accountability when tools are being issued and returned.

Selected Screenshots

List of benefits:

  • Save Time – Fast identification of tools using barcodes
  • Improve Accuracy – All transactions timed & dated
  • Reduce Losses -  Records who took a tool and when
  • Improve Tool Management – Monitors the condition of tools
  • Greater Security – Comply with QA policies by restricting access to tools with expired test or calibration dates.

Software licenses start from just £149.50 each (+VAT)

Compatible with Microsoft Access, Excel, SQL, and Oracle Databases (& more).

Application Features:

  • Issue & Return tools at the touch of a button
  • Identify Tools & Employees using barcodes or RFID tags
  • View Description, Condition & Status of each item
  • Optional self management configuration with signature capture
  • Optional receipt printing feature
  • Prevent tools from being issued when in need of repair or calibration
  • Can be configured to work with most popular database packages such as SQL , Oracle or Access.

System Requirements

  • Mobile device running Windows Mobile/ CE or Android OS.
  • Touch screen operation, with minimum 3.7″ colour display.
  • Integrated barcode scanner or camera with barcode decoding ability
  • Stand alone or network machine running SQL Express or Server , Microsoft Access or Oracle Database (or similar)
  • Ethernet port or wireless network access
  • ODBC data source (database connection only)

The Tool Manager software can be used as a user managed system or within a controlled supervisor environment.