TracerPlus Software


Create Your Own Mobile Applications in Minutes

TracerPlus Desktop is the do-it yourself way to leave paper forms behind. Design your own mobile apps quickly and risk free with this easy to use mobile application design tool for the Windows Mobile and Android operating systems.

TracerPlus Desktop enables non-programmers and programmers to completely control the look, feel and flow of your their mobile forms. At the same time, configurable enterprise class data collection features such as barcoding, RFID, image and signature capture and GPS eliminate the need for costly custom development.

Download for Free: TracerPlus Desktop is FREE , you only license the mobile clients you decide to release to production and all apps can be deployed in trial mode for testing at no cost.

Form Design for Everyone: TracerPlus Desktop gives non-programmers the power to create enterprise class mobile forms in an intuitive drag and drop environment similar to most publishing programs. Programmers will appreciate the rich data collection feature set that will save hours of development time. Mobile form development has never been easier.




Using TracerPlus Desktop software, mobile forms are developed in a simple three step process:

  1. Decide what info you want to gather and assign to fields names.
  2. Set attributes and design the layout of your mobile form.
  3. Deploy to any Windows Mobile/CE/Android device, tablet or barcode terminal.

System Requirements: Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7/8; 20 MB free disk space; ActiveSync version 3.5 or higher (2000/XP) or Windows Mobile Device Center (Vista/7/8); A Mobile Device running Windows Embedded Handheld/CE, Windows Mobile/CE, or Android OS; Trial or registered version of the TracerPlus Mobile Client.

Want to learn more? Then take a look at the comprehensive range of training and tutorial videos here.


  • Intuitive development interface with drag and drop form designer
  • Custom Colors for Tabs, Labels and other Controls.
  • Configurable Font Face, Size, Color and Style.
  • E-mail and text message capabilities for instant reporting and alerts.
  • Data Lookup capability for all field types.
  • Dynamic Parsing.
  • Configurable SmartForm selection directs scanned data to pre-defined field.
  • Configurable RFID to read and write commands.
  • Redesigned Calculation Configuration Interface.
  • Powerful data integration with back-end databases (ODBC).
  • Duplicate/Move Sessions within a Project.
  • Customizable launcher screen.
  • Custom Background Images.
  • Developer Comment Fields.
  • Custom Login Profiles to Manage Multiple Users.
  • Export to file.
  • Import projects from local file or online resources.
  • Import of existing mobile applications from PDA
  • One-Click deployment to mobile devices.
  • Project Explorer.


  • Develop, Design and Deploy Mobile Applications on the PC
  • Enhanced Control when deploying to Multiple Devices
  • Quickly Share Applications with Colleagues

TracerPlus FAQ

1. How is TracerPlus licensed?

TracerPlus is licensed on a per PDA basis. A license must be purchased for each PDA TracerPlus is installed on.

2. Where can I find sample applications for the TracerPlus software?

You can download sample TracerPlus Desktop projects for deployment to your TracerPlus enabled mobile device in one of the following methods:

i. Open the TracerPlus Desktop software and select the “Search Online Samples” option. You will be directed to a wizard screen where you can choose from a variety of Sample apps to deploy to your mobile device.

ii. Browse the online solution centre

3. Can I create applications for my smartphone using TracerPlus?

Yes providing it has an Android operating system you can design and upload data capture applications to your smartphone.

4. My app needs to scan barcodes but my smartphone doesn’t scan them very well, do I have to buy a rugged mobile device?

Ideally you would use a rugged device however your smartphone can be converted into an efficient barcode or RFID scanning device by attaching a piece of hardware to it. For more details on these products click here

TracerPlus supports RFID and NFC technology. Take a quick look at these videos to learn how easy it is to use.

Find mobile applications designed for asset tracking and audits.